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" When your enemy(Partner) is bent over unsuspectingly, You sneak up with your cock in hand and charge her screaming " BANZAIII!!!!!!!!!! " and poke her in the butt!!! "
Guy 1 : " Dude, Why's your girlfriend limping around today? "
Guy 2 : " She was bent over putting the groceries in the fridge and I totally gave her The Banzai! "
by X-Cel June 17, 2008

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When you steal your mom's or your g/f's Dildo(It's funnier if it's a floppy one that resembles a penis), You then strap said dildo to your forehead and go running down the street chanting " LOOK AT ME, I'M A FUCKING RHINO!!!!! "
Rhino is my nickname cause I like to stick a dildo to my forehead and go charging around...
by X-Cel June 16, 2008

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