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A brief nap taken after getting home from a long week of kickin' ass at work, before a big night out.
Dude, I'm stoked for tonight but it was a really long week. You better believe I'm gonna be raging, but I gotta get home and hit up a disco nap before I can even think about getting to it. Just gimme 20 and we're golden.
by WoodHoot March 09, 2011

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An astronomical level of inebriation in which the subject commits a virtually unstoppable series of social atrocities. Biting, tackling, screaming (read: singing), breaking, and sitting upon are commonly employed by individuals in Dragon Mode. Not attainable by average alcoholics as this level of inebriation often results in blackouts.
When my roommate got home and began playing the guitar and singing(?) at the top of his lungs at 3am I knew he was drunk. When he burst through my door, jumped on my bed and tried to bite my nipple off, I realized he was in Dragon Mode.
by WoodHoot November 01, 2010

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