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Seth is the most amazing person you will meet. Your heart is bound to skip a few beats when you first see him. Then each time you see him there on, your ticker will pound harder than pound cake! A truly breathtaking boy who you will fall in love with. loves to treat people with respect and spent time with his closest friend. He is strong, sexy, smarter than smarties, super lovely, huggable, cuddlable, sweet and simply irresistible. An adventurous boy he loves to be free spirited and live life to the fullest. He leaves girls breathless, speechless, weak in the knees and he has taken one girl's heart. He is super fun to hang out with, even if its just sitting around tossing candied popcorn at each other. The best boyfriend in the world, he is loved by his girlfriend very much. he's superboy redefined, reinvented and refined. A perfect Seth! He's Super Seth. Oh look he smiled! What a beautiful smile!
Super Sweet Seth will smile and you will smile with him <3
by Wonderfulbeatsofmusic June 30, 2010
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