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Personality type from Myers Briggs. Otherwise known as the Mastermind. INTJ's are emotionless juggernauts that have no respect for you and don't care if you don't like them.
INTJ's include God, Dr. Gregory House, Michelle Obama, James Bond, and Einstein.
by Wonder Waffle December 30, 2009

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That which is a cunt. That which has cuntinuity. He who is cunting.
Someone who has ever said one of the following phrases is cuntinuous. George Bush started a war, George Bush steals oil from french people. George Bush single handedly put the world in recession. People with homophobia are secretly gay. People with arachnaphobia are secretly spider fuckers.
by Wonder Waffle April 22, 2010

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The most important thing to consider about ESTJ's is that they are absolute garbage. Completely useless on their own, the ESTJ must rely on his abilities to win friends and allies that are actually intelligent. The ESTJ will soon find himself alone when others realize how dumb he is. ESTJ males inherently love to
S D and take it in the A. ESTJ girls are ok
ESTJ's include George Bush
by Wonder Waffle March 24, 2010

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ESFP's are the least intellectual of all 16 Myers Briggs personality types. They are outgoing and friendly but are absolutely useless and retarded. The highest existence an ESFP can aspire to is a job in data entry but that doesnt bother them because they are too busy drawing with crayons.
ESFP's include Homer Simpson, anyone who repeated an elementary grade, Marilyn Monroe.
by Wonder Waffle December 30, 2009

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ISTP's are the most annoying of all myers brigs personality types. They have no skills whatsoever and must rely on their ability to take from others. They hate INTJ's because we are actually smart and because ISTP's have characteristically small penises. ISTP's are best known for being awkward tools and for having a propensity for interracial homosexual acts.
ISTP's includeTom Cruise (I rest my case)
by Wonder Waffle March 17, 2010

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One of the Myers Briggs Personality types. ENFP's are the worst people imaginable. They are dumb, useless and love to ruin everything for everyone else. When they aren't annoying the shit out of you, which they are experts at, they are creeping inside your head and attempting to enslave your mind.
ENFP's include Cuddy from House, Sinbad, Meg Ryan, Bill Cosby, and Sandra Bullock. (See, all terrible people!).
by Wonder Waffle December 31, 2009

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