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n type of male (generally) who starts out using a devilish charm on a female of their chosing. They then act caring yet eventually create other romantic involvements with other females. They typically lie quite often, not only about their other relationships, but about themselves, their daily lives, and false promises. The male will try to manage the several relationships but is basically only it them to get some sort of sexual pleasure. It is natural for the male to insult or criticize. Their behavior can be linked to their actual love for one that does not love them equally. The said male also often has his known bad reputation to fit his personality.
David was so sweet, and said the sweetest things. Then I heard horrible rumors about him. I tried confronting him and he just criticized me! Then, Jenny told me he was all over another girl at a party! I can't believe he turned out to be such a player!
by Wonder Twin #2 February 26, 2006
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Those nasty, ghetto, slutty chicks that block up the halls in your highschool. When you try to pass them you feel like you need a shower to sanitize yourself of the drugs and herpes that you were just possibly contaminated with. Usually characterized with big, baggy sweatshirts or hoodies and jeans with slits passed 5 inches up the side of the leg.
I was trying to tell you a story in the hall but those dirties were in the way!
by Wonder Twin #2 October 30, 2005
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