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1) chewing tobacco of the leaf variety. it is actually chewed. kept in side of mouth.
2) chaw varieties include: redman, levi garrett, beech nut, etc.
3) chaw is sometimes added to big league chew to make a delicious combination.
4) if you are talking about fine or long cut tobacco it is called dip not chaw. ex., copenhagen, skoal, grizzly, kodiak, red seal, timberwolf, rooster, etc.
I need a fatty chaw.
Baseball players love chaw.
My chaw is delicious.
Chaw is of the full leaf variety of tobacco not cut.
by Wiz It February 07, 2007

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1)Another name for skeezer.

2)A filthy tramp, a dirty slut, a prostitute who is completely low and disgusting.

3) A female who has been with many males and probably has a disease.
That bitch is a straight skeeze piece.
Stay away from that skeeze piece.
You'll get that disease from this skeeze piece.
Johnna is a giant skeeze piece.
by Wiz It February 07, 2007

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