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He's got the best spirit, and a unique personality which is very attractable. Jhonatan is a young mature man who is modest, extremly generouse and caring to others, polite, yet very fun and cheerful with remarkable intelegance and strength.
Jhonatan knew he needed money but gave it all away to someone he cares for.

Though Jhonatan is not doing well in school his intelegance level is unserpass

Jhonatan, who dosen't just love him
by Wise words January 01, 2014
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Person or persons that come to your house only for the purpose of using your toilet.
You guys are nothing but a bunch of shit bandits!
That guy is a total shit bandit.
by Wise Words July 15, 2011
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To the point of anger. Feed up with something.
If you don't shut up I'm about to flip a brick.
If I have to clean up dog crap from the carpet again today I'll flip a brick.
by Wise Words July 15, 2011
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