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Zarathustra was a Aryan prophet, he lived among the Indo-Aryans in the Eurasian steppes in 1450 BC, during a period known as the Bronze Age, where the the people worshiped pagan gods such as Mithra, the goddess of light. Then Zarathustra introduced a concept known Ahura Mazda, a Wise Being who live only according to his or her own wisdom and morality. Friedrich Nietzsche understood this introduced the Overman in Thus Spoke Zarathustra or "SuperHuman" in German, which is a person who breaks away from the herd mentality and lives by his or her "will to power". The SuperHuman is achieved through the six Amesha Spentas. We must understand Zarathustra was not a leader instead he was a guiding people to follow their own wisdom. Zarathustra was the pioneers of humanism but most of his true philosophy went into decline after the Greek invasion of Persia, and the introduction of personification of Greek gods to the Persians.
Certainly I shall acquire
The Human Wisdom (Mazda Ahura)
Through Good use of the Mind
I shall master them all
Physical and that of the mind (mental)
Gaining through Knowledge
Whereby desiring and achieving righteousness and perfection"
by Wisdom of the Mind November 09, 2010
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