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large public school in chicago suburb of winnetka. named after the city of trier in germany, also known as the hometown of karl marx, that great contributor to society.

to be granted admission one must demonstrate that they are socially misfit and academically inept as stated in the school's name. alumni stand in ardent opposition against this notion with claims of "I'm a chemistry superstar!"

another prerequisite for admission is ownership of a small, obnoxious dog with a pretentious name such as Manfred or Earnshaw.

although they have "90 state championships and counting" these really are not remarkable as they occur mostly in underwater basket weaving, marco polo, and quidditch.
Cool girl number 1: "Hey you go to new trevian academy for the misfit and inept?

Cool girl number 2: "Yeah wanna come over to my house after Quidditch practice? I caught the snitch for the first time today! You can help me clean up after my chihuahua Winston who pooped everywhere. Lolz"
by Winston poops December 16, 2010

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