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The act of consuming excessive amounts of booze in order to score with chicks. Usually leads to the person sleeping alone, fully clothed, and door open and television on. One may also spend an outrageous amount of money on buying shots for people at the bar. Usually after being squintzy drunk, one can not drink for a few days and must eat bacon cheese burgers.
God damn Chad went and got squintzy drunk last night and made out with some dude!
by Winnie11233 February 03, 2010

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A workout in which one spends approximately 30 minutes and gets a muscle-pumping fat-blasting glute-toning full body workout. One who does a squintzy workout generally goes to the gym approximately twice weekly.

For best results, post workout consume mochachino's, hot dogs, chili and half a bag of salad.
Damn, Chad looks jacked after that squintzy workout!
by Winnie11233 February 04, 2010

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