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A phenomenon where the parents of an ugly baby think their baby is adorable and no one else does.
Nancy: Here's our little bundle of joy! Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?!?
Lisa & Kate (after one look at Nancy's ugly baby): Ohhhh...! Yessss....
Lisa to Kate: I think Nancy has baby goggles - that's got to be the ugliest baby I've ever seen!
by Wine Chick December 03, 2008

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1. Blog postings that subtly and passive aggressively take a shot at someone else, based on their blog postings. Blog. Repeat.

2. A war of words. No actual combat will ever take place, aka no actual verbal confrontation in the physical world will ever happen.
Lucy blogs about something she reads on a frenemy's blog. The frenemy reads her blog posting and retaliates by posting her own blog entry that subtly and indirectly takes a cheap shot at Lucy's blog. The blog wars start. This continues until one of them finds it boring and stops, though this may never happen.
by Wine Chick July 15, 2009

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