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'epenis' means electronic penis. It is a term that can refer to someones conputer skills or a measure of computer equipment / internet connection / technological prowness. It can be used to indicate that someone is l33t or technologically adapt. It can also be used as an insult, to imply that someone is a newbie or that their computer is lacking.
I bought 2 more 200gb hd's, now i have 1 terrabyte of storage, that will increase the size of my epenis.

Your computer doesn't even have a DVDRW, your epenis is as small as a peanut.
by Willuknight February 14, 2006

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The sister of my girlfriend/boyfriend. For when you're not in a lawful/legal relationship with someone, but still have a close relationship with their relatives. Relative-In-law is a legal relationship. Relative-Out-law is a relationship with no legal standing.
Man, my sister-out-law is hella cute.
by Willuknight October 31, 2017

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