3 definitions by Williamo

A saying used when you want someone to throw something to you
Oi! Fang us the coke!
Fang us the iPod
by Williamo May 26, 2005
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To be wildly, flamboyantly homosexual. To be so fruity it's not funny. To be so gay it's scary.
Person 1: So, do you reckon Tom is bi? Or is he just plain old gay?
Person 2: He's so not bi. He's totally bloody flaming!
by Williamo September 13, 2005
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Taa Taa For Now.

It means goodbye, seeya later.

Popularised by Tigger from Winnie the Pooh
Tigger: TTFN
Pooh: Goodbye, Tigger.
by Williamo June 26, 2005
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