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A horrible place, filled with cheap ass hoes and guys who can't get in em. Most of them aren't even black, they are just living a front so they can all act like little ninjas and run amuck. Orlando-Magic is the skeeza. While ITI is the pimp who manages everything and keeps his bithces in line, especially eightball that crazy whore who can't go one night without a wet dream thinking about Colt. OTB is like hanging out at the corner at night.People working them and won't stop till they get it. OTB is some crazy shit, better be strapped if you go in there cause Da Dukies will pop one in yo azz, and esb617 will piss in your mouth, while Black-Demon will stick his finger in your azz, and while WGE will beat your dick, dude will do anything that has to do with the word 'beat'. (and let this in please, it'll be hillarious for somepeople I know, and if you do, delete what I'm typing in parenthasese.)
OTB = On the Bong

OTB = Orlando's Titty Bar
by William Bellemy July 20, 2006

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