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An area consisting of Oregeon, Washington, and some of British Columbia. Some major cities in the region iclude Seattle, Vancouver British Columbia, Olympia Washington, Portland Oregeon, Victoria British Columbia Tacoma Washington. This area is sparsely populated, although the Seattle Area has about 3 million people and the Vancouver area has 2.1 million people. Parts of Seattle and Vancouver are home to many prostitutes and serial killers that work to kill the prostitutes. Some serial killers from the Pacific Northwest include Gary Ridgeway (Seattle), Robert "william" Pickton (Vancouver) , Clifford Olsen(Vancouver), Wesley Adam Dodd,(Vancouver Washington) Robert Lee Yeates,(Spokane) Ted Bundy (Tacoma) Kenneth Bianchi (Killed girls in Los Angeles, also implicated in 3 Seattle Murders). Aside from that gory aspect tyhe Pacific Northwests mainstay is Lumber, and Fishing although now other sectors have sprung up. The Pacific Northwest enjoys mild teperatures but the wettest fall ever known to man kind where it will often rain for over 10 days at a time. However the mountianous terrain of the region makes it very beautiful and much prettier then much of north america.
"Man can you believe it it didn't rain today"
Pacific Northwesterner: "Shut up Onatarian, it only rained for a week, that's nothing"
by Will stuck in OntARIO November 2, 2005
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A awesome band, who plays tightly, amazing guitar solos, very unappreciated in the younger generation, and that's a shame because this band "played as an organic whole" - Bob Dylan
Probably the most popular of their songs (lthough they wrote many good songs) is "The Sultans of Swing"
Damn man I cruise to the dire straits album in my tempo. It's the best cassette I own.
by Will stuck in OntARIO November 5, 2005
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