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1. A unique name, like natalie, but with "th". A usually super funny person. Can make you laugh til the day you die, and loves to eat english muffins. Nathlies normally love the name "Walter" and have a weird habit of barking at elementary school principles. Lives on park benches and normally have neighbors who look like a Maria(search name). Nathalie is a name used to describe exotic or in other words, Philipino, girls. They are extremely pretty, hilarious, tall, dark and curly haired, with a nice tan. Nathalies tend to have a weird obsession with Giant German Rabbits.
Girl: Mommy look ! Theres a Nathalie on the bench.

Mom/Principle: Honey, just walk away.

Nathalie: Bark! Bark! Bark!

Dude: Woah, she is so hot! She has to be a Nathalie.
by Wii Tard February 22, 2009

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