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Stands for Oh No They Didn't, a widely known gossip blog. It's the most popular livejournal site and has over 90,000 users. The age range could be anywhere between 12 to 35. The blog uses different sites for news but there are a few exclusives every now and then. It has been mentioned in quite a few magazines and T.V. shows. The site is known for it's hilarious comments and memes(of which some are picked up by non-ONTDers), sarcasm, GIFs and debates. It's pretty much one of the awesomest places on teh interwebz
Girl 1: Gurl, I need to check on ONTD b4 skool
Girl 2: Wats ONTD?
Girl 1: WAT? u don't know what ONTD is? gurrl you hasnt seen the internet until u've seen ONTD!!
Girl 2: O_o
by Wif-luv May 21, 2009

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