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A normal human being who listens to Psychopathic Records and various other types of music. Following the belief that there is evil in the world and living a true "Juggalo" life will end up in Shangri-La(Juggalo heaven). Juggalos are not trying to impress people, they don't give a damn about what society has to think of them. They are unique individuals. Juggalos are not evil, children of the devil, and do not all commit acts of violence. Juggalos come from all types of classes, you can have high school drop outs, or straight A students, rich families, and poor families. Juggalos do not judge a person for who they are, including non-Juggalos. Being a Juggalo does not make you part of a gang, cult, etc. The face paint is NOT part of gang relations, it is a way for people to see the true Juggalo. Being a true Juggalo means you are part of a FAMILY. A family who supports everything you choose to do. A family with the same beliefs and different interests. Juggalos have seen life from every perspective, they don't worship ICP, Twiztid, Etc. They worship God.
"Dude, why does that guy look like that?"
-"He's a Juggalo. He's part of the Juggalo family."
by Wicked.Klown.Luv June 06, 2011

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