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Somehow even tho it's a country that people are proud to be from because of the Franco-Algerian war.
there's a lot more you don't know about Algeria and it's people.
-Algeria is such a horrible place to visit if you're a tourist (no don't go just because it's "the widest country in Africa" , Algerian people are craving to run away from this place , we've reached to cross the sea illegaly to go to France/Spain , which...most of us ended up loosing their life trying to do so , and it became a very usual thing)
-The education system is SO HORRIBLE (yes be thankful it's free) but no.
- Algerian people's attitude from kids to adults:
Algeria have many different people with different personalities but ,all I gotta day is ..be careful most of the algerian society is toxic , you can find a lot of racism especially towards black and Asian people ,they'll start mocking you, throwing rocks at you (especially little kids)..
Second of all , homosexuality/lgbtq+ community...don't come here , you'll either find yourself dead , made fun of , or harassed.
-The daily struggles of algerian women , you won't get out a day without being assaulted or catcalled ..literally ,if a 16 years old tells you her 27 years old boyfriend did this and that , don't be surprised, the Algerian society doesn't really know about pedophilia or anything.
by Whyyoumadwhyyousad February 26, 2022
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