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overkill on an exlimation
-...stop that
by Why cant we be friends May 03, 2005

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not bad clothing, kinda pricey for me, people that wear it tend to be a little annoying, not saying all are, just a lot of kida wear them to fit in, and probably give the true american eaglers a bad name. though i dont like the style so much cus they are over charging for faded jeans and ripped jeans, and i mean, come on people, save soe money and buy at filenes and get out a little.
american eagle isnt a stereotype, but definately has people that soil the name
by Why cant we be friends April 30, 2005

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relatively cheap, but not stylish clothing. i prefer them over paying a lot of money for preppy clothing. it also works as an ok substitute if you look hard enough for something that doesnt say old navy on it. But nonetheless, most peope that wear it are pretty white trash. but hey, i'de rather wear unlabeled old navy than aeropostal
one step above wal mart, but 5 down of AE
by Why cant we be friends April 23, 2005

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