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A term in Alnwick meaning a tart/hussy; this is the type of girl that enjoys annoying lad's girlfriends... This girl pretends she is clever when really, she is scum. She enjoys hanging around subways with vast quantities of cheap booze, she thinks she is amazing.
"That Ems is a total whore"

"She is a complete Ems!"
by Whogivesa April 22, 2008

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A college in the city Newcastle Upon Tyne; often where wannabes go to get their faces on TV.

This college does not have very good education as they lecturers often treat their pupils like mates... there is no discipline here.

Media, art, fashion and other such soft option A Levels/diplomas are taught here.
"Did you see that wannabe from Newcastle College?"
by Whogivesa April 27, 2008

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