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Symbols created by holding the shift key while typing 2345678 that are used in place of what the reader might assume is a swear word, but actually is a harmless word silly or freaking.

commonly used on FB, MySpace and forums where swear words are considered inappropriate.

The use of @#$%^&* is the writer's way of reminding the reader to not assume the worse when interpreting what is written.
That is one @#$%^&* big sandwich.
by whonose January 18, 2010

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When one goes in for the kiss, closes their eyes, but misses the intended target; the mouth; and kisses the neck, chin, ect...
1. Dude we were in the dark movie theater when she gave a Caitlin and kissed my chin. It totally ruined the mood and we just awkwardly sat through the rest of the movie
by WhoNose March 06, 2014

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