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This phrase is used to reference an incident where two men were hunting for quail and mysteriously one man had poison oak on 60% of his body, including is rectum and the other hunter had poison oak on his penis and testicles. They will claim that the areas affected by poison oak on each other do not correlate to any specific activity but we all know what happened.
Toby: what really happened in the Poison Oak Incident?
Collin: Hey man, I dont want to talk about it.
by Whiskey Slough Q July 29, 2019
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A term commonly used by American Patriots to convey a warning to the opposition, both foreign and domestic, to tread carefully.
Jerry: I am going to go take your personal property away.
Jerry: Oh sh*t. Sam wasnt kidding about protecting his stuff.
by Whiskey Slough Q July 29, 2018
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