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A person who believes that pure American muscle cars are the best cars on Earth despite the fact they are only good at straight lines. Defining traits include a cocky attitude, quotes such as "should've bought American" or "be a real man and drive a Chevy/Ford/Dodge", and pure insecurity. Please do not get confused with people owning muscle cars who actually have respect towards others.
Guy with Supra: *starts revving*
Muscletard: That's some pussy ass sound! Here's what a REAL man sounds like! *Starts revving V8*
People in background: bro we're just trying to have fun.
by When a nibba bottom text May 21, 2020
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A person who has claimed to low-key be a god. Known for his famous tweet saying "You know I had to do it to em."
Guy: Who is that person all dressed in white
Me: That's Lucky Luciano
Guy: What is this religion you speak of? Yep, I'm converting to this religion.
by When a nibba bottom text October 24, 2017
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