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Irish American neighborhood on New York Citys west side. It was once the most dangerous neighborhood in New York and the reason for its name is that a reporter traveling through the neighborhood during the 1950's once wrote in the new york times that "this neighborhood from 37th to 59th street and from 8th avenue to the Hudson is worse than the hottest place in Hell" and Hells Kitchen derived from that. Irish immigrants lived in shacks and slums all over hells kitchen and gangs like the "Westies" and the "shamrocks" did and still do rule the streetz of the neighborhood. Tough Irish kids from Hells Kitchen would often fight off blacks from Harlem and Hispanics from other neighborhoods. gang violence in hells kitchen was soo bad during the 1960's and early 2000's that police officers were paid to sit in classrooms with teachers and students at almost all public and private schools in the neighborhood. This is the neighborhood that only accepts the poorest of the poor and you have to be Irish. Hells kitchen is and always will be a Irish ghetto.
another Irish gang murder occured in Hells Kitchen over the past weekend.
by Westie kid April 25, 2010
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