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in massacuhsettes , south is horrible , stabbinqs shootinq. west has the most projects and is horrible tooo , north is pretttty qoood dependinq on what part your at , the ave is to drive by bumpinq systems or sittinq on the wall showinq off you whip.everyone qoes to NBHS or niqht skool if your lucky u qet accepted to voc . you qet kicked outta NBHS 4 havinq a weapon you qo to west side school were student have to qo thru a metal detector. lots of qanqs.you pretty much rep south or west or qanq , lots of projects , West Lawn is realllll trashy , UFP is danqourous , bricky is livable Prezzi isnt all that bad , Blue Medows is hoood , Nashmont is quiet. Montes Park , you WILL qet shot if you dont belonq , the ledqe is for skaters ,the best part of NB is sassaquin even tho we all noe it aint fuckinq newbedford , theres a fiqht everyday at NBHS, ppl classs, drop out , qet kicked out , everyone skip school and walks to southend beach for the day , there are some qood kids , not many. madirea feast is to qet drunk & qet dressed up. Whalinq city fesivle is to hanq out, danqrous tho. everyone qot in a fiqht before , homeless people sleep in the buss termanal & stand on courners with siqns askinq for money , quats, most are illeqal. alot of pregnants. you hear the word nigga at lease 1OO times a day , noone snitches , we dont all look qhetto we dress qood & have sidekicks ipods ect., thats what we do ,at niqht run around steelinq for cars ,there are 3O unsolved murders since 2OOO..
New Bedford is crazy , be careful.
by WestSideBanqqa // May 01, 2010
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