4 definitions by Wes "White Chocolate" Nessman

When you need something so bad, that you can't see it even if it's in front of your face.
I looked at the key holder ten times, but I was so need-blind I couldn't find my keys.
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A person who uses their sense of humor to attract potential sexual partners ( usually to compensate for their lack of attractiveness, status, etc).
Despite being goofy looking, Steven did well with the ladies because he's quite the Humorsexual. His jokes guaranteed he'd always have a couch to sleep on.
by Wes "White Chocolate" Nessman October 16, 2020
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The collection of stuff that has landed in a large guys belly-button, has become compressed and taken on a new form.
I was diggin' in my belly-button and pulled out a man pearl.
by Wes "White Chocolate" Nessman September 17, 2018
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When you head to your favorite bathroom stall, only to find it in use by someone else.
When my morning coffee hit, I ran to my favorite bathroom stall, only to find myself pot blocked by some asshole.
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