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The best board game ever which involves 4 colours, and 4 sets in each piece (so 16 pieces altogether) there is a compressed plastic bubble in the center of the board when pressed, the dice rolls round wildley. there a sevral simple rules to the game

1) you must get a 6 in order to start the game

2) if your pice lands in the same spot as another piece the piece that has been landed on must go back to the begining

3) you must go round the board at least once before you finish

4) the game only ends when all four of your pieces are in the finishing spots.
me: hey rhys, im so bored and drunk dude, what can we do?

Rhys: lets play frustration dude!~

me: yeah that game rules!

rhys: yeah!
by WelshDuke February 06, 2008
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