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1: Emos are either crying, whinny, cutting punks that can't help to think they are useless, deprived of love, or heartless
2: Emos are skateboarding, emotive hardcore loving, metal slamming teens from 13-17 or keep going to be emo in adult yrs. Write lyrics that are meant to be loud and emotional or about something that happened to them
3: Emos can be hyper, colorful,emotive, laid back yet smiley people who also love the emo fashion and hardcore type of music like punk, indie rock, heavy metal, metal, emotive hardcore...they love ninjas, vampires, werewolves, zombies, faerie, coffins, Hot Topic, skulls, studded belts or jewelry, black, bright colors, red, blood, horror or morbid/macabre art, magik, ghosts, ghost lovers, bloody horror movies and books, wear their bangs in front of face, some dye hair black, alot of wild colors, keep their natural hair color not just dye another color beside black, they like sick minded things, anything to do with poetry, loud metal music, skateboarding, death topics, or paranormal or abnormal related.
4. EMOS are people coming from a emotive hardcore background that takes an emo person to further distance themselves. Emo was marked in the year of 1984 when the band Rites of Spring started to play in Washington, D.C. these songs gave heart-wrenches of woe which woe means sorry, lost, distance, grief or that someone was hurt real bad.Emotional Punk Music started in the e. 1900's that grew nationwide that teens grew hunger for songs with guitar solos that were loud and piano or keyboard riffs. Punk music is also positive showing that others can be hurt by words or things just done. Emos can show good messages too...not just about pain and suffering. Actually today about 73% of known emos are energetic, upbeat,happy,hyper, yet some may just smile all the time cause they just love the emo sense of style or emos that rarely smile but if you say something funny you could get a smile and a laugh. 18% of emos are sad, emotional, cutting, self-blamming teens but its not like they can't smile or laugh in awhile. "I have watched many plus I am emo too and trust me I've seen a group of 8 emos that never smiled until someone started to do stupid tricks and tickle them to death"

5: Emo girls tend to be very emotional but not sad way they can be very happy, they usually are energetic,hyper, heart-warming girls which most write poems of sad relationships, death, dead people, or plain unusual. Emo girls wear lots of skirts with plaid with red,black,or the insane bright colors that usually has some gothic or emo touch like a cartoon dead kitty or panda, love bright bold jewerly which includes lime green, flourescent orange, flourescent yellow, bright blue, or violet, hot pink. They wear leggings, harm bands or arm warmers, flat shoes with the cutsie skull or punk checkerboard look, tops that say goth angelic or it may have skulls and a poem that seems so sad on it but I love it, chains, chain pants, and the purse gotta be bold or black with some personal touch. Emo Girls tend to dye their hair black, black with blonde highlights, funky bright colors, or they go natural instinct.
6: Emo boys wear black chain pants, wool sweaters with the jail look, shirts with skulls,snakes,picture of demons, band names, black shoes or ruffed up skateboarder shoes etc.
7: Emos can or don't have to have peircings, they can also just wear other jewerly not totally on your body like some gothic cross with a skull on it. Yes the black rimmed glasses but depending on your glasses size you can't always get them big n thick rimmed. Studded wear is also huge, as well as HIM, Enties, Element, Fox, Greenday, AFI, Hello kitty (popular with girls), some love anime, Slipknot, The Stones, Led Zep, Pantera, The Used, Black Label Society, Twitzed, Immortal, FOB, Rob Zombie, maybe something insane with insane pyscho, insane clown, insane dead animal, My Chemical Romance, S.H.E., Social Collison, and many others.
6: Emos should love stores like Hot Topic, Dead Kitty, The-Black-Cat Closet, Medival Gothic, The Black Angel, and several others that contain emo,punk,gothic clothes
7: Emos are very close to goth types to or are also goth, some get to be friends with a gangsta type. Emos are great people.
"I luv my emo smexy self meh, my coffin was stolen by a ninja." SKULL!

"Aww,what a cutie wittle birdie...die! You beezotch, come back we need those puffy feathers. Arg, how can I stuff my pillow then?"

"My vampire haven has prepared a total sacrafice, to lower in a grave...I'm in my bloody coffin...am I dead yet? (the next morning) Wait! I smell coffee and cupcakes! Get me out of this coffin, how could you bury me without this morbidly angelic gift?"
by Waverlyhill angel August 14, 2007

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