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1. When talking about a movie to an audience that has not yet seen the movie, this phrase is used by a speaker to warn that they are about to reveal plot details that may be surprising or unexpected. The thought is that revealing certain plot details will detract from the natural viewing experience, so the warning serves as an opportunity for people to stop listening/reading.

1a. The same idea, but in the context of other media such as books, television shows, etc.

2. Often this phrase is used jokingly following, or immediately proceeding information that is felt to be obvious.
1) Spoiler alert! We're about to discuss the ending of the Empire Strikes Back, so stop reading now if you haven't seen it yet.

2) "I loved Titanic, the best part was the special effects during the ship sinking... oh sorry, spoiler alert."
by Waveofreactions May 24, 2018
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