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The wooly worm is seen as the result of not being choosy enough when wanking.

The scenario is that you fancy a posh wank but have no condoms. Instead you decide to use a sock but unfortunatly choose one made from 100% Pure Wool. After "doing the deed" into the sock and removing your phallus, you find that fibres from the inside of the sock have mixed with the love juice and have now coated the one-eyed trouser snake in a sticky hairy coating making it look like a Wooly Worm.

No matter how hard you scrub, you'll be finding sock coloured hairs under your foreskin for days after (subject to not being Jewish)
Nate really should've been more careful and not chosen the M&S Wool Blend Sock as his weapon of wanking destruction the other night.

He found so many hairs stuck to his knob the following morning, it looked like a woolly worm
by Waterboy8535 June 18, 2009

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After a night on the razz and acquiring a set of beer goggles, you pull a right munter and take her back to yours for a damn good seeing to.

Clothes come off and before you know it she's gobbling away. She asks for a bit of oral anal rimming, and due to wanting to get rid of the taste of the digusting Chicken Vindaloo you had on the way back, you agree.

On parting her arse crack you are greeted by an incredibly hairy arse crack (she is probably of Germanic origin) and she has a severe case of Piles and her hole has ballooned to look like a large truffle!
Christer bent the scank, which he pulled earlier that night, over the table to give her some rimming only to be greeted by a Monkey truffle.

Not wanting to ruin his chances of later action, he just pushed it all back inside and had a good slurp anyway.
by Waterboy8535 June 19, 2009

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