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Clapter is a word coined by Amanda Filipacchi in her 1993 novel Nude Men to describe the enthusiastic response to the avant-garde magician Laura who entertains her audience with "tricks" that require no actual magic but do demand an elevated level of sophistication on the part of the viewer in order to be appreciated.
"When Laura takes a Kleenex out of her pocket and wipes her forehead with it, everyone roars with clapter"
by Wankleton March 20, 2008

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To gain enough awareness of the existence of an article, book, or legislative proposal to the extent that you have the confidence to make misleading pronouncements about it, without having actually read or understood it.
Hey, I Sarah Palinized the 1,017-page health care reform bill while I was brushing my teeth this morning. I heard it contains 17 separate paragraphs detailing the circumstances in which aliens will have the right to harvest your organs.
by wankleton August 13, 2009

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