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A foursome sex act involving 3 women and 1 man.
Two women support themselves on both sides of the man and sandwich the mans penis between their pussies constantly grinding it up and down locking eyes with eachother.
The mans penis becomes Diglett.
The two pussies become a sandwich.
Surpise Guest!!!
A forth woman joins in to suck on the diglett and when its ready to blow she stops sucking and lets the jizz explode all over the other two women. The forth womans job is to then lick up the jizz off the womens bodies and share it by making out with the two other women.

Delicious :)
- OMG, did you here what Becky ate last night?
-- No.
- She ate a sandwich!!!
-- Whats so special about a sandwich???
- It wasn't any ordinary sandwich!!!
- It was, The Diglett Pussy Sandwich.
-- Wow thats one lucky dude.
by Wacky Wacky Wacky March 04, 2011

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