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Sats Bunnies or Sats Bunny refers to a type of girlfriend of people owning bitcoins.

It is girlfriends of people who changed their socio-economic status by gaining a lot of wealth with Bitcoin. The Sats Bunnies are mostly there for the wealth of the bitcoiner. Sats bunnies is in many cases a kind of gold digger. It can also imply that under normal circumstances the bitcoiner would not attract that type of girlfriend.

The terms was coined by @MsHodl on Bitcoin Twitter when Bitcoin passed 32000 USD.
Yeah, I hope bitcoiners are generally smarter than this.. but I believe many will very much find themselves some sats bunnies
by WTango January 02, 2021
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Found you moon, or you found your moon refers to the celing price someone is managing to hold their Bitcoin to, Bitcoin goes to the moon is a saying for the enormous upturn Bitcoin does for long periods of times. It can be hard to not take profits. For some it comes day where they have found there moon and sell.
I just sold my Bitcoin
I guess you found your moon! Congrats
by WTango January 04, 2021
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