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Synonyms: Matt Mercer Effect, Matthew Mercer Effect

Matthew Mercer is the Dungeon Master of the popular Dungeons & Dragons show "Critical Role".
The "mercer-effect" is what people call it when fans of the show get into D&D carrying the expectation that their sessions should be at least as good or similar to what they've seen in the show, not keeping in mind that the players seen on Critical Role have years of experience in both D&D and acting.
"I hosted a session with some 1st-timers the other night, they wouldn't stop talking about Critical Role and how we should try to play our game more like that."

"Yeah, that's the mercer-effect all right."
by Vseras April 14, 2019
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"Might be back later", or alternatively; "maybe be back later".

Said when one has to leave, but is unsure whether or not they will be able to return.

A derivative of bbl (be back later)/brb (be right back).
"Okay, I've gotta go. mbbl."
by Vseras October 31, 2017
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