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The largely misunderstood movie that some idiot teenagers and even twenty-somethings use as an excuse to beat each other senseless in an attempt to make the emptiness that is their life a little less empty and instead replace it with pain - Kind of like a cutter.

The film was actually a brilliant satire and morality play that exposes harsh truths about the nature of insanity and the disenfranchisement of a generation. It hardly glorifies violence, as many critics have accused, it first mocks it, then shows the terrible results through the death of an innocent man and the creation of a disturbingly widespread and ignorant cult mentality. Fight Club is about the despair we fear, and the rash measures that we find ourselves unwittingly taking to combat it which we should fear more.

Ironically in some cases the movie has created a cult it was railing against.
Stupid Guy 1: Dude, did you see that movie Fight Club? We should so try that.
Stupid Guy 2: What? Holding a fight club or rolling a gigantic globe through the window of a coffee shop?
Stupid Guy 1: Dude, I forgot about that! That was so cool!
Less Stupid Guy: Hey, didn't some guy get shot because of that?
Stupid Guy 1: Yeah, but he was fat had breasts.

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