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Just what it says. Normally called "hardcore" to simplify, it was derived from techno as Europeans grew to like the aggressive tones and melodies. The most common types of hardcore are: Happy Hardcore, Gabber, and Speedcore (though many people dislike this genre more because it ranges from 300 bpm - 600 bpm (then splittercore) - 900-1000 and higher bpm (now extratone) and there is not much melody, just an overused kick drum and ambient pads.)

Hardcore became popular in the '90s, with drum patterns and splits, which is now referred to as Oldskool. From Oldskool came Jungle then Darkcore then Darkstep, and now traditional DnB. Happy hardcore is now the most popular, with pumping high pitched synthesizers and loud kick drums and offbeat high-hats. Most producers are European and is one of the most popular forms of Electronic genres. It's also good for your acid trip.

Artists may include: Scott Brown, V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D., DJ Sharkey, CLSM, Darren Styles, Breeze, Gammer, Dougal, and more.
Dude1: DUDE! DJ Sy motherfucker! Best hardcore techno producer/DJ

Dude2: Man fuck that shit, Scott Brown is the shit.

Dude1: Man fuck you.

Dude2: Iss true man.

Dude1: Whatever... HTiD.

Dude2: Agreed.
by Viralklasm May 19, 2009
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A common meme found on image boards such as 4chan. The term is usually depicted in a picture of an asian man with glasses stating "Wuts dat? I raff i ruse?" In Japanese, the "r's" and "l's" are interchangeable consonants when spoken. It is a play on a common meme "You laugh you lose" in a various image board to which 2 rules I shall not break. Most laugh you lose threads link to a youtube video of something utterly retarded.
Anonymous: ITT: You laugh you lose.

Anonyfag: Fuck, i lost...

Anonyfag 2: Wuts dat? I raff i ruse?
by Viralklasm May 19, 2009
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