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A Wiccan is not a SATANIST. In fact, we do not even believe in "SATAN" we are smart enough to know that we are ALL responsible for our own actions. Some do claim that we preform sacrifices and put curses on people. I'm terribly sorry, but this is a lie. We accept everyone's choice in life, and what deity they choose to follow. Sometimes we are recognized by wearing a pentacle around our neck {pentagrams are usually upside down and refer to Satanists} by having a free spirit and being down to Earth. Different Wiccans practice different forms of magic {or magick} such as rituals, potions, and spell casting. None of these involve harm {unless dark magic is used} and can actually help many people. Many do not accept the Wiccan life, because most fear what they cannot control.
Ohmigosh, that Wiccan cast a spell on me and now I feel sick!
Um, Wiccans don't use magic for evil.
Oh... It must have been something I ate then.
by Violetta Marie Dell November 17, 2011
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