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1 definition by Vincent Manning

"Anything higher than a 93 is inefficient."

Applies to the grading system where a 93% is for the purposes of GPA the equivalent of a 100%. Any grade higher than a 93% earns the same 'A' as a 93%, so the work done in getting, for example, a 95% was unnecessary. Traditionally used by students when they have a good grade and do not feel like doing their homework.

Coined at Madison-Grant High School at the end of the year 2012 by a student after days of meditation.
Michael's Mom: Have you finished your Spanish homework yet?
Michael: No
Michael's Mom: Then what makes you think you should be playing video games on a school night?
Michael: The 93 Rule. I have a 97% and there aren't enough points in the rest of the semester for me to not get an A.
Michael's Mom: I see. Carry on.
by Vincent Manning December 20, 2016
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