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Berliner Ballen are baked Goods you can eat. They are round. They are filled with jam. Also an offensive term for a fat person as they too are round and greasy.
Me: look at Till!
You: He's adorable!
Till: I'm a Berliner ballen, look at me wobble!

Fresh and spicy just like a Berliner Ballen!
by Vici May 08, 2006

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Dschah is a word used commonly in the German language to express ones feelings of agreement. instead of saying ja, people have now started using the slightly changed dschah word.

The word was invented by Hasibe A of Nettetal, all hail Hasibe!!!
Person 1: wow dude i love your shoes are they from bhatti?
Person2: Dschah!!!
Person1: way... i have to get a pair!
by Vici May 09, 2006

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