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A term that is classified as being nothing but sheer dilligence, excellence and absolutely the best one can be.
Oh man, that shit is veronified!
Woah, look at that ass, shits gotta be veronified fo sho.
by veron November 04, 2003

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The most widely accepted definition of a hoosier: a hillbilly, hick, white trash, dirt bag, racist, provincial, ethnocentric, and/or scumbag. Typical interests of a hoosier includes: guns, pickup trucks, NASCAR, wife beating, neglecting pets, beating one's wife, mowing the grass, shooting animals, and drinking beer. A hoosier is commonly suspicious of outsiders, and will be uncomfortable in unfamiliar social situations. A hoosier can originate from any part of the world, but are found in highest concentration in the southern U.S. and Indiana (which is also known as the Alabama of the north). The term hoosier is an insult.
"Are you hoosier?"

"Yea good buddy! Let's keep it local! Gonna watch some NASCAR and drink some beer! Yeeee haw! Buddy, you don't have to be shy, I'm hoosier too--you can say all the racist thangs you want."
by Veron February 19, 2012

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