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Anyone with an obsession with consuming cum and having cum ejaculated in and on their body, face, and hair, but the term usually denotes submissive wives who actively crave the cum of their Dominant husbands. Cumsluts generally especially desire swallowing cum and having it all over their faces (see Facials). If their Dominant enjoys giving cum, the location of his choosing generally becomes the priority, but they crave cum independently. Cumsluts are even occasionally edged to the brink of orgasm or beyond simply by receiving cum. Many Dominants regard cumsluts as the highest tier of submissive provided their obedience and loyalty are on point as with any submissive.
Jill is Jack's personal cumslut. He cums on her whenever he wants and if she hasn't had any in a while she begs to swallow.
by Vantablack October 08, 2019

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