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The unimaginable feeling you possess when you're around that special someone. When all you want to do is be with that person forever. You'd do anything for them to make them safe and happy. When the days seems like years until you're eyes meet with theirs again. That gut feeling you get when you think about them. That pleasurable feeling you get when your lips meet theirs. They smile at you and you smile back. When you hug them and never want to let go. Even when they say your name. All these things appear and everything else disappears around you. You are willing to anything for that person. Stay up all night on the phone when your parents are sound asleep, walk miles upon miles just to give them one single hug, sneak out just to see them one last time, or call them back when they hang up on you. All signs of simple effection toward one another. When that special someone makes your heart jump out of your throat. When they make your heart rate go up and down at the same time. When you cry to yourself at night just because you miss them. Even when they change your life. When you try to imagine a world without them but you simply just can't. It's love. <3
I love you baby. And I want to be with you forever. Till the stars don't shine and till the heavens burst. And last but not least until my last rose dies... I love you

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7 months 1/8/10
by Vanhalengirl13 August 08, 2010
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