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A favorite past-time of cross country runners when they're not running. A great way to kill time. And a quite wonderful sport in general. Perhaps the greatest of sports besides cross country.

When referring to the actual sport it means that some extremely attractive girls are getting sweaty and working hard. And extremely fun sport to spectate, and the players are always awesome and sexy.

Cross country runners and volleyball players usually get along due to the recognition of the awesomeness of their sports.
Dude we're at cross country camp. Where do we set up the volleyball net?

XC runner: Dude the volleyball game is starting!

idiot: yay girls in spandex
XC runner: you pervert it's an awesome sport
idiot: no it's not
Hot volleyball player: hey runner lets go make out, we both do awesome sports

Johnny: hi Jenny
Jenny: Hi Johnny
other guy: dude what are you doing she's way out of our league
Johnny: I'm a runner
Jenny: Johnny let's go make out
by VBallSuperFan October 17, 2010

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