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When one exercises (often using bodybuilding parameters) to such an extent that his or her body becomes literally "swollen" with muscle. Simply put, it's when one becomes buff.
Lantry: i been hittn da gym an I be gettin' lumpy as hell

Scott: So fascinating! Well buddy, I think you have certainly increased your muscle mass as of late. Would ya be a pal and teach me how to also become more muscular?

Lantry: heeeeeh(ll) yeah, my white nigga. We gonna' get swole! Go ahead an grab Ebenezer! See if he wanna go!

Scott: Golly, ya mean i can bring my compadre? Gee willikers, I'm roused!

Lantry (partially to himself): haha, dad nigga said "gee willikers!". Hahaha
by Urbantongue101 June 20, 2014

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