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Is a quick, almost un-noticeable response to a Female’s question “What would you like to do?” Historically this term has only been used by male spelunkers to subconsciously suggest sex to a woman, if executed correctly. If this response is tendered too slowly and the Female has no sense of humor, it may be offensive. Timing is also crucial as once the question has been purposed the response needs to be immediate. A cupped hand over mouth is necessary if the Female can read lips.

The term has been adopted for modern times as now it is gender neutral, as females and males alike can use this term to suggest sex to a female. Female responders need not worry about speed, timing or the cupped hand, but should consider making a “la la la la la” sound and flicking their tongue in an up and down manner while making such sound.
Female "What would you like to do?"
Male "Pink Adventure."

Also accepted

Female "What would you like to do?"
Female "Pink Adventure...la la la la la la la!"
by Urban Slicker July 21, 2011
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