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Someone who acts like they are your friend but is really a manipulative backstabber. A bad friend would be someone who is jealous of you and tries to compete with you and take over your life and replace you in all aspects because their life is too sucky and they can't come to terms with the fact that they were just lucky to be your friend in the first place.
Someone who only cares for themselves and thinks the world revolves around them.
When you try and be nice my inviting your best friend out all the time and introducing her to new people and other friends. Then behind your back she back stabs you by talking about you to your friends! When you don't even know that anything is wrong! Saying how much of a bad friend you are because you didn't give her enough time to for insanely long conversations about her life, making you the worst friend in the world. Because being busy with uni work isn't a excuse!

Therefore payback is talking behind your back to friends.
by Unsure what she did wrong October 07, 2011
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