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A girl who is a bit shy at first but extremely nice and fun once you get to know her. She's self conscious even tho she shouldn't be. She's a hopeless romantic hoping to find love. She can be very bossy and demanding sometimes but still is open to others ideas. She likes to play it safe: she's the opposite of wild, but still likes to have fun.
Who's that?

-she looks like a presley
by UnicornsRCool November 24, 2014

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These are the best types of girls. They listen to bands such as Blink182, My Chemical Romance, the Ramones, sum41, ect. They usually have many piercings, tattoos, and some body modifications such as stretched ears. They wear skinny jeans, band tees, beanies, and sometimes flannels. These chicks are sexy af.
What kind of girls do you like?

I like punk girls, man
by UnicornsRCool January 12, 2015

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