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The ages 9-13.
Not all preteens act like immature retards, their are actually a lot of normal preteens. The definitions on the word "preteen" just disgust me. People are really judgmental!
I'm 10 years old and I dnt talk liek dis. I actually use proper grammar. I only act like a retard and laugh at stupid things when I'm around my BFF's. That's because I'm not afraid to be myself.
I never watch Disney Channel (And that doesn't mean I watch MTV instead), mainly because the shows are just.... corrupting and they teach little kids to act like sluts. Miley Cyrus for example.

My favorite "band" isn't the Jonas Brothers, my favorite band is MUSE, and that's my opinion.

You don't always have to follow a trend. But if you seriously feel like you have to, follow this one:
Teen 1: Haha, look at that little retarded 10 year old!

Teen 2: I bet she has a million Justin Bieber shirts in her closet but she doesn't want to wear one to the mall because she want's to act "cool".

Teen 3: There's some normal preteens.... You know that right?

Teen 1: What did you just say??

Teen 3: Excuse me, I said, She might be normal, she might not be following trends, she might not watch Disney Channel every night, she might just be NORMAL. Not like you.

Teen 2: We're not hanging out with you anymore... you're acting like a preteen.

Teen 3: Good. I'll find some friends that aren't so judgmental.
by UndisclosedDesire August 27, 2011

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