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A huge throbbing man beast of a cake.... hot sticky funfetti frosting, gooey caramel cream and thick thick creamy batter.

Usualy one person can't handle it because of it's size, back-up is recommended. Someone to take it up the rear and meet you half way.

Can be bought at IHOP, Jason's Deli has also decided to put it on the menu with chocolate filling.
1. "Damn. I love. The batter... In my mouth! There is nothing... better... than Wesker's Cake... In my mouth."

2. "I love waking up in the morning with a slice of Wesker in my mouth."

2. "Wesker Cake, everything a body needs"
by Uncle Salami June 30, 2009

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A tool originally used to whip up warm, thick sticky batter.

The batter would then be spread all over the warm cake.

A Haymaker is essential in making the cakes pulsate and drip hot, juicy golden syrup. The Haymaker makes them soft... moist... and rich.

The Haymaker was originally 12 foot long, but it was found that this destroyed the cakes, and there was much complaining from the womenfolk about the length and girth... It is now a foot long baking tool, still able to dig deep into the center of the cake... to hit that Golden spot.
1.That Haymaker is covered in my golden syrup.

2.Can I lick the cream off your Haymaker?

3.Haymakers are what make a cake lickable.
by Uncle Salami June 30, 2009

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What uncle will do to you... If you ask nicely... or are just a hot lady who bends over.
Damn! I can't walk straight. Uncle got me with a Haymaker lastnight... I think I need a wheelchair.
by Uncle Salami June 29, 2009

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